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TapewiseTapewise has been designed from the start to form part of your tape media maintenance programme. It helps to identify and eliminate under performing media, by enabling the administrator or operator to incorporate pre-media qualification (on new media) and post-media qualification (media within the current media pool). This allows you to identify media that exceeds the data centres pre-defined error threshold levels, and remove it before it causes a catastrophic error at a later date. After identification of the failed media Tapewise offers you the ability to make an identical copy for replacement. Tapewise also offers a full spectrum of tape utilities such as Copying, Initialisation/Labelling, Erasing, Duplication, Validation, Retention...these are all accompanied by full media logs so that the operator knows the quality and status of the tape used.


TEM - Good tape graph TEM - Bad tape graph
One of the key parts of Tapewise is the ability for it to map the quality of your tape (Tape Error Map). The graphs are created as part of almost all the tasks within Tapewise but Tapewise can do far more than just do quality assurance.

Tapewise website

For more information please visit the dedicated Tapewise website. Click here